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Xingtai Aohua Rubber Seal Products Factory: A Good way to Eliminate mildew in Cars (5)

Description:2. Interior decoration is thoroughly disinfectedBecause of the summer heat, many car owners do not o....

2. Interior decoration is thoroughly disinfected

Because of the summer heat, many car owners do not often open the Windows, and in order to keep the air conditioning strong, often only choose the inner circulation. For a long time, the air inside the car will become cloudy, especially in the hot, humid weather before a thunderstorm, where bacteria can easily grow. The owner can choose to buy some interior cleaners or to the car beauty shop for a thorough cleaning of the car interior.

3. Volatile fast car antifreeze is indispensable

Summer coolant evaporation fast, often check whether the coolant is lack, if lack, to timely supplement of the same brand of antifreeze, can not supplement other brands of antifreeze or water. Because antifreeze is the main working medium in the automotive engine cooling system, its main role is to make the engine cooling system through the forced cycle, so that the engine to maintain an appropriate working temperature.

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